MT Digital New Version – Download and Patch Notes

Finally a new version!  The last version was only released to a few people, so lots of the cards and stuff will probably be new to most of you.  I included patch notes below, though these are mostly for my own reference since only a few people played the last version.  Have fun!  😀

This is an alpha pre-release version and there will be bugs!!  Only try opening the game once, it takes a minute to load up and appear.

Download Link:

Version Patch Notes

New Cards:
(If you missed the last update which was only posted once, chances are you will see many other new cards in this version you haven’t seen before.)
Trading in the Western Cities – New card that gives 2 gold and 1 card for 3 energy.

Known Bugs:
-Trying to Fathom a Crusade causes the game to crash
-Several cards don’t have their images set up yet, it’s just a white image with oversized text.

-Doublespell with Energy Burst doesn’t double your card drawing like it should.

Bug Fixes:
Sword of Midas – Fixed a bug where the game crashed when you tried to attack an empty monster board with a Defender equipped with Sword of Midas.
Underthing – Ability works correctly now.
Rally – Fixed a bug where it wasn’t reducing Knight’s cost.

Balance Changes:
Energy Burst – Cost increased to 3 energy.
Fireball – Base damage increased from 3 to 5.
Hire Mercenaries – Removed, for now.
Horde – Damage increased from 21 to 23.
Lost at Sea – Damage increased from 10 to 12.
Pact of the Mind-God – Damage after discard increased from 10 to 13.
Rally – Cost decreased from 3 to 2.
Lay Siege – Damage increased from 8 to 10.
Rolling Thunder – Damage per card discarded increased from 3 to 5. Cost increased to 5.
Wild Hunt – Cost changed from 2 energy to 0 energy.
Underthing – Changed from a 1/20 or whatever it was to a 2/13.
Death Ray – Added back into game.
Crystal Cave – Added back into game.
Alchemist’s Lab – Cost reduced from 3 energy to 2 energy.
Ballista – Added back into game and now deals 2 damage to 4 monsters, instead of 1 damage to 4 monsters.
Blizzard – Added back into the game and now deals 3 damage to the three closest monsters, instead of 2.
Band of Heroes – Added back into the game.
Black Market – Removed for now.
Overpowering Evil – Added back into the game.
Dark Pact – Added back into the game. Now deals 4 damage to each of three monsters, instead of 3 damage to three monsters.
Labyrinth – Added back into the game. Cost reduced from 4 energy to 3 energy. Now instead of having 3 damage plus different effects if you have costs of 18/24, it is simplified. The new version deals 3 damage to any monster, then if your other cards’ cost is 23 or more then you shuffle a Summoning prize card into your deck and gain 3 energy.
Bash – Added back into game.
Greater Mind Control – Added back into game. Now simply deals 5 arrow damage instead of the stuff about making monsters weaker and attack you. Still has the player-control effect.
Crusade – Added back in.
Imposter Knight – Added back in.

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