Mage Tower Digital (Alpha Version)

The digital version of Mage Tower lets you learn the game and play against an AI opponent, drafting from over 60 cards.  Each time you beat the AI, its life total goes up by 2, making it more challenging the next time.  As the AI gets more difficult and your skills increase, you’ll find yourself creating insane decks and combos you never thought possible.

This is an alpha pre-release version and there will be bugs!!  Only try opening the game once, it takes a minute to load up and appear.

Please report bugs in the forums, and also we’d love for you to post about your feedback and ideas!  We’d like to release this game on Steam eventually, and we need your help!

Newest version is  (Released January 4th, 2018)

Game Type: Digital Card Game

Players: 1

Age: 13+



AI Opponent

Two Modes – Randomized deck mode or card drafting mode

60+ Draft Deck Cards