Mage Tower

What is Mage Tower?

Mage Tower is a competitive “Tower Defense Card Game” inspired by tower defense games like Plants vs. Zombies, Kingdom Rush, and many others. The game is designed for 2-4 players, though it supports solo and 5-6 player variants as well. (And has a whole cooperative mode with its own monsters!) You get 339 cards in the box and they’re all the cards you’ll need. There are no rarities or randomized packs… all the Mage Tower cards are in this one box!

Mage Tower has 166 different “Draft Deck” cards with wildly different abilities. Before each game players get 8 of these cards for their deck, to combine with 5 basic cards.

Don’t be intimidated- making a deck is easy!  You either just give each player 8 random cards (the game is balanced so this works great), or you lay out 8 cards at a time and take turns picking the cards you want.

Once the game starts you’ll have to deal with the monsters!

Every player has their own set of monsters that attack them, so you’ve got to decide if you’ll try to craft the perfect monster-killing strategy, try to mess with your opponents, or both! You can also assemble cool combos or try to make a deck that gets more and more powerful over time.

There are so many ways to play!

What You’ll Get

  • •166 Unique Draft Deck Cards
  • •30 Basic Cards
  • •48 Monster Cards
  • •31 Co-Op Monster Cards
  • •64 Prize/Demonspawn/Confusion Cards
  • •20 Dice (white 16mm)
  • •24 Acrylic Gems (16mm)
  • •Game Box
  • •Rulebook

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